Pre-Bariatric Surgery Evaluation

Preparing for Surgery with Pre-Bariatric Surgery Assessment at Thought Wise

Understanding the Role of Mental Health in Your Surgical Journey
Are you considering or scheduled for bariatric surgery? Thought Wise emphasizes the importance of a Pre-Bariatric Surgery Assessment to ensure you’re fully prepared for this life-changing procedure, both physically and mentally.

The Necessity of Mental Health Evaluation Before Bariatric Surgery

A Critical Step for Safe and Effective Surgery
Understanding the significant impact of bariatric surgery on your life is crucial. That’s why mental health evaluations are often a prerequisite. These assessments, conducted at Thought Wise, are designed to gauge your readiness for surgery, understanding of its implications, and ability to adhere to post-operative requirements.

Components of the Pre-Bariatric Surgery Assessment

Comprehensive Evaluations for Holistic Preparation
The Pre-Bariatric Surgery Assessment at Thought Wise covers several key areas:

  • Behavioral and psychiatric evaluations by mental health experts.
  • Assessments of substance use and readiness for lifestyle changes.
  • Evaluations of current mental health conditions and stressors.
  • Development of a tailored mental health and behavioral plan post-surgery.

Conducting the Pre-Bariatric Surgery Assessment

Expert Evaluations at Thought Wise
If you’re in Jacksonville or the Florida area and need a Pre-Bariatric Surgery Assessment, Thought Wise is here to assist. Our team specializes in comprehensive psychiatric, psychological, and neuropsychological evaluations, ensuring you receive the necessary mental health support and interventions recommended prior to your surgery.

Behavioral Therapy as a Complement to Surgery

Enhancing Your Surgery Experience with Supportive Therapy
Behavioral therapy can be an effective complement to your pre-bariatric surgery preparations. At Thought Wise, we offer therapy and interventions to guide you through this transformative process, focusing on long-term success and well-being.

Connect with Thought Wise for Your Assessment

Start Your Journey with Confidence
Contact Thought Wise for your Pre-Bariatric Surgery Assessment. We’re committed to providing the support and evaluations needed to prepare you mentally and emotionally for your bariatric surgery journey.

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