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Thought Wise is more than a clinic; we are your ally in mental health. We provide broad mental health services and expert guidance for every life challenge and transition. Whether you’re seeking therapy, assessments, or forensic evaluations, our team is dedicated to empowering you towards healing, growth, and mental wellness.



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In-Depth Assessments and Evaluations

At Thought Wise, we emphasize the importance of accurate assessments and evaluations for effective treatment. Our services include memory disorder assessments, ADHD testing, and neuropsychological evaluations, among others. These evaluations are crucial in diagnosing and managing a spectrum of mental health and cognitive issues, ensuring precise and effective care for our clients.

Neuropsychological Testing and Assessments Jacksonville

Comprehensive Mental Health Services

At Thought Wise, we excel in providing tailored mental health services. Our team, skilled in various therapy methods, is dedicated to offering personalized care. We specialize in individual therapy, ADHD testing, Alzheimer’ s Disease Evaluations, Parkinson’s Disease Assessments, and  more focusing on the unique needs of Jacksonville’s community. Our approach ensures each individual receives the compassionate and comprehensive care necessary for their mental wellness journey.

Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

Regardless of what emotional struggle you may be facing, if it is preventing you from feeling whole, happy, and inspired, working with a mental heath professional can help.

Couples Therapy

If you or your partner have been feeling distant or had difficulty communicating, couples’ therapy can help you build a foundation of trust and mutual understanding.

Family Therapy

If your family is experiencing the same ongoing sturggles, family counseling can help all family members develop stronger communication and coping skills.


Psychological Evaluation

A psychological evaulation provides you and your psychologist an in-depth look at your thoughts, feelings, and behavoirs to determine what emotional factors may be preventing you from feeling and acting the way you want.

Adult ADHD Testing

ADHD is more than just the inability to focus, finish a task, or pay attention in class and can present significant challenges if not treated properly. We offer adult ADHD evaluations .

Psychoeducational Evaluation

A pyschoeducational evaluation is a formal assessment to evaluate how a student learns. It can identify difficulties in learning educational needs in students of all ages.

Autism Evaluation

Autism occurs across a specturm and can be experienced in a wide variety of ways. We specialize in providing thorough, individualized assessments of Autism so that you can find the best treatment possible for you.

Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluation

Neuropsychological evaluations provide indirect information about the way your brain functions. If you have been experiencing difficulties with memory, attention, language, balance a neuropsychological assessment may benefit you.

Pre-Bariatric Surgery Evaluation


Some surgeries, such as bariatric surgery, require a comprehensive psychological evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate for surgery, as the results of your surgery can be greatly effected by your mental health.

Forensic Evaluations

Forensic Evaluations

A forensic psychological evaluation is used to determine if someone suffers from any psychiatric condition or possesses specific personality characteristics that may impact the present legal concern, typically issued by a court or attorney.

Guardianship Evaluation

Guardianship evaluations help determine adult’s psychological ability for self-care, or for the adult’s ability to make important decisions, handle their finances, or live safely on their own.

Immigration Evaluation

Immigration evaluations document are used to any mental health conditions or diagnoses of an individual, and how potential deportation would impact the individual and their family.

Violence Risk Evaluation

A violence risk assessment is psychological evaluation to assess the individual’s potential risk for violent behavior in the future as well as his or her overall psychological functioning, and may be requested by a court, employer, or school.

Disability Evaluation

Worker’s Compensation or disability evaluations can sometimes involve a psychological assessment to help provide evidence in a Worker’s Compensation claim or disability claim.

Fitness for Duty Evaluation

Fitness for duty evaluations can be requested by employers for some high-risk professions, such as the police force or a security company, to help determine if someone is suitable to manage the duties of the job safely, as not to threaten the health or safety of him or others.

Start Your Healing Path: Begin your journey towards a healthier, more balanced life with Thought Wise in Jacksonville, Florida. Our services are designed to unlock your potential for a brighter future. Contact us today to start your path to healing, growth, and empowerment. And if you have any questions regarding pricing, insurance, rates, or others, don’t forget to visit our FAQ page where we have already answered the most popular asked questions.

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